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DangMattSmith is an actor and internet sensation. He began his career creating comedic content on YouTube and has gained over 8,610,394 subscribers and 1 billion views to date! The Los Angeles based comedian posts hilarious reaction videos and relatable skits on his channel, using humor and laughter to bring people together and make their day better. He has a successful clothing line with apparel and accessory items that makes looking good easy. He has worked with top brands and companies such as Nickelodeon, FOX, Lionsgate, Old Spice, and Footlocker. Having gained a couple million subscribers in a matter of months, DangMattSmith is quickly becoming a titan of comedy in this social media generation. So much so that in 2018, he was awarded the Best YouTube Comedian at the Shorty Awards.
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With more than 1.2 billion views and nearly 5 million subscribers on their YouTube channels, the six sisters of music group Cimorelli have a huge fan base! They won the Teen Choice Award for Web Star in 2013, had a featured performance on Good Morning America, and have had several successful international tours stopping in countries such as Spain where they performed at the Coca Cola Music Experience for 15,000 fans. They have worked with brands such as Subway, Hasbro, and have been featured in magazines such as Glamour, Seventeen and Parade. They have also graced the cover of Ad Week where they were named one of the 12 biggest young stars on YouTube.